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Round 2 Oulton Park

Louis Valleley #14

A tough race at Oulton Park yesterday with the drying conditions. With the rain in the morning, then it starts to dry up and then starts raining again 😓With this happening, it was a hard call to which tyres to go for. There was one hour between the Superstock 1000 race and my race which made it hard to gauge what the track conditions were like. So we put a wet front tyre and a dry rear tyre on the bike. I got to the grid and a lot of people were changing their tyres. We didn’t have enough time to get our front tyre changed, so we went with what we had. 
I got a good start, made a few places up, but then to find it was hard to turn the bike with a wet front on a dry track. I got the best of what I could do and ended up 12th position. After the race had ended, technical inspections were made and one of the riders failed the inspection in which case they got excluded, then promoted me to 11th place 👍

I would like to say a massive thank you to R&R Racing for all their hard work, I couldn’t have asked for any more!

Also a big thank you to R&R Environmental Services and Treatment Plant Parts R Us for everything they had done over the weekend and everything they do for me!

Lastly, a huge thank you to all my sponsors and everyone else for their support, it makes a huge difference to every race weekend 🙏😜

The next round is Donington Park National in 3 weeks time, which is a track I’ve been really looking forward to riding with the Yamaha R6!

Elliot Williams #17

Started 32nd on the grid after a frustrating qualifying where we still couldn’t resolve my arm pump issue I was suffering with all weekend.

We had something new to try for warm up but that was cancelled so it was a risk we took for the race as we really had nothing to loose.

Started to rain just before the race so went out on full wets and on the out lap I could see that the track was near enough dry I knew it was the wrong tyre decision, giving it our best shot we started the race eventually getting up to 23rd but had to retire on lap 8 due to front end issues, gutted is an understatement as I was confident I could of fought till the end of the race.

Big thanks for all the support over the weekend now we move onto donnington in 2 weeks time hoping for a good result😁